Suicide Blonde

Thursday, March 30, 2006

What am I doing here?

I was posting a comment on someone's blog and found myself here, with my own damn blog! Now what do I do? My first step is to take some HNT pics and have them ready for next week. My second step is to post some steamy (semi-made up) stuff on here so someone will (maybe) read it.

Who am I? I am 51, going on (you guessed it) 52. I am a divorced mother of two adorable sons, almost 21 and almost 19 (we all have birthdays in late spring). I have read so many blogs and have not yet found one written by a past-middle age person like myself. Like my sons remind me all the time "You're not middle-aged anymore. You're not gonna live to 102!!" Thank you, sonnies for reminding me not only of my mortality but also of my ripe old age. Actually, I'm ecstatic to be here! I'm glad I'm 51, even though I would like to look younger. I feel young and I am (so far) in the best of health so what else do I need? I'm optimistic, happy most of the time (when I'm not paying bills), very active (work two jobs), and have a bunch of great, smart, funny friends.

Okay, I'm gonna go look for some good pics of me (they have to exist) so I can put them on here.

C ya.