Suicide Blonde

Friday, April 09, 2010

I Hurt...Therefore I Blog

Hurtful things:

1. My Zwinky (at left) is much cuter than me.
2. Learning in my fifties that hard work hardly ever translates into success or anything like it.
3. Whatever I think I should do, THAT will be the one thing I should NOT have done.
4. Needing a couple of Zinfandel Blancs back-to-back but it is 2:25 pm and I'm at the office (bummer).
5. Despite my tiptoeing around people's feelings/egos/self-righteousness, those same people go out of their way to step on mine.
6. And they feel they have every right to and how dare I get perturbed?
7. Or the fact that I'm a tiptoer bothers the hell out of them.
8. Or because I try hard not to lose my cool or be abusive or mean, I'm accused of being on my "high horse," whatever that is.
9. Seeing shameless self-promoters getting credit for things they did not do or for ideas they did not come up with...etc.
10. Hearing others mentioning how sweet/adorable/wonderful someone is whom you know is a verified, bona-fide bitch.
11. Not being sure when to use "who" and when to use "whom." Crap.
12. Where the heck is First Nations (aka "Paul")?
13. Having my IRS refund last all of two weeks.
14. After paying approximately $800 last year to get rid of the famous noise my car was making, it decided to develop the same noise again this week (and the IRS money is long gone).
15. People question my every decision, opinion, lifestyle, sense of humor, etc. but if I ever dare to question anyone's anything it is a huge drama.

Anyway, I really need those two White Zinfandels. I wish my blog friends a wonderful weekend!