Suicide Blonde

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Thing One and Thing Two

For those of you not totally sick of hearing me talk about my boyfriendic (or boyfriendal) situation, I have some news.

But before I go into my news item, I have to say that I find I enjoy reading blogs much more than posting them and to my great dismay (but also relief) I find that there truly are Masters of Blogging out there, so many of them. They are incredible and it just amazes me that so many people

1) Have much more interesting and profound things to post
2) Express their feelings, activities and what-have-you like 300 times better than I do
3) Understand things a whole lot better than I do
4) Post great pictures and diagrams (FN is the best for diagrams. Also for lengthy but totally necessary explanations)
5) Have cuter cats than I do
6) Are just better bloggers

No feelings of inadequacy here, just giving some credit where it's due. And also explaining my lack of posts since I spend far too much time reading other blogs and it leaves me very little time for writing. No criminal activity, right?

Anyhoo, BF1 is still playing his cute little game of calling me and insinuating that he is interested, even though he doesn't actually say so in so many words. He is still living with his girlfriend but bizarrely calls me or emails me every day. I patiently go along with his little game and in my mind I'm like "Whatever."

BF2, who had been lost (read: not calling) for three weeks, finally broke down and called me on Friday night. As many of you know, Friday night is Happy Hour night for me. Or Content Hour night for us old-timers for whom "Happy" may be way too much and risky to our health and wellbeing. Yes, people, he called me and was all pathetic and stuff, saying he missed me and did not want to lose me, etc. I am sure you're glad I'm sparing you all the details of this fascinating conversation. But for the hell of it, let me quote you some juicy parts:

BF2: Is my toothbrush still on your sink?

Me: (Stupidly) Yes.

BF2: I miss you and I don't want to lose you.

Me: I thought you had already lost me. It's been 3 weeks since I last saw you.

BF2: I'm sorry. (I have observed that BF's say this phrase when they have nothing else more intellectual or to-the-point).

Me: Have you been drinking?

BF2: Yes, I have.

At least he's honest about most things. And I am a sucker for apologetic guys who have been drinking and are all, well, "sorry."

So I told him we would talk about it the next day. The next day we sat outside on my porch and had a short but productive discussion which consisted of me telling him that the next time he bales out after a fight that I will never, so help me God, answer his calls and needless to say his toothbrush would be a goner. It also consisted of him nodding his head and looking sheepish. It worked, I gotta tell you.

Do any of you remember my post bemoaning the fact that men are incomprehensible and that they lack genetic material, etc? Well, I would have to say that I am also incomprehensible to myself, seeing as how he made me so mad but at the same time he is just irresistible with his little boy way of saying sorry and being so cute and sweet and stuff... I know, I'm pathetic too.

I have just one favor to ask you. Keep the comments civil.